Making history useful depends on your support.

Continuing stewardship and programming at of one of America’s great historic sites depends on the support of people like you. Please join us in making Cliveden a place where people can know history, feel its power, and share it with others through one of the following opportunities:

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The Jack Asher Legacy Fund

This fund is named in memory of John “Jack” Asher, Jr., a dear friend and longtime supporter of Cliveden and Germantown.  Click HERE to learn more.



Sponsor the Revolutionary GRevolutionary Germantown Festivalermantown Festival

The Revolutionary Germantown Festival is a unique celebration in the city that gave the world the Declaration of Independence, attracting over 5,000 visitors each year with a day of family entertainment and reenactments of the Battle of Germantown.  Click HERE to learn more.



Annual annual appealAppeal

Your contributions will help us continue the award-winning Cliveden Conversations, offer more of the dramatic event Liberty to Go to See and begin the process of activating the kitchens at Cliveden by preserving and interpreting the 1767 Kitchen Dependency and the 1959 Kitchen. Learn more


Cliveden, Inc is a nonprofit organization registered with the Bureau of Charitable Organizations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Foundation Support

Cliveden would like to thank the following organizations for their support:

The Haley Foundation

The National Trust for Historic Preservation Interpretation & Education Fund

The Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission

The Philadelphia Cultural Fund