2019 Annual Report

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thank all of you for your support in 2019, and please take a look at Cliveden of the National Trust’s 2019 Annual Report, which recounts our programs, events, and preservation efforts of this past year. This work was made possible by your donations, memberships, and grants. We all know that 2020 will be a very different year for all of us.


Although Cliveden was built as a refuge from the devastating and reoccurring Yellow Fever epidemics ravaging Philadelphia in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the site is currently closed to the public due to the present twenty-first century pandemic. Our staff, however, is working remotely on numerous projects that will make Cliveden a stronger, more responsive and more efficient institution.  Our remote working situation was made possible through a grant to upgrade our technology that we received in 2019 from the Connelly Foundation; support from all of you truly make our work possible.

During this time, we are looking to the future, and examining our interpretation, educational approach, preservation efforts and administrative procedures to become a historic site that tells even more stories about the lives of those who made their way to Cliveden; those who made forced journeys and those who chose to come here, women, men, those enslaved, immigrants, the wealthy, the working class, all are a part of the history we tell here at Cliveden. We are so looking forward to delving even deeper into this rich history, and to sharing it with you who make this possible.

We thank you for your support in 2019 and look forward to seeing and working with you in 2020, whenever and however that can happen.

Stay safe in these difficult times,

Nancy Van Dolsen

Chief Executive Officer