Cliveden's Landscape

Enjoy nature at Cliveden!

The Cliveden grounds are free for the public to enjoy whenever the gates are open.

Traces of the history of the Cliveden property and its occupants can be found throughout the five-and-a-half-acre woody landscape with monumental trees, green lawns, 18th century buildings and statuary. Visitors are invited to walk and play in the green space, relax on benches made from reclaimed lumber from the property. In partnership with Mt. Airy CDC, Cliveden is also the host of the LRN Nest, a creative play area that focuses on literacy. While at Cliveden, examine historic native and imported specimen plants and trees, explore newly planted shade and pollinator gardens, worked by the bees hosted for Instar Apiaries. There is good bird watching at Cliveden; many wild birds, including hawks and owls have been sighted on the property. Learn more about the history of Cliveden by reading interpretive signs and historic markers. 

Visitors can access the grounds through the gates on Germantown Avenue, Cliveden Street and Morton Street. Restroom facilities and first aid are available to visitors in the Barn and Carriage House, located at the corner of Cliveden and Morton Streets. Please alert Cliveden staff if any incident or injury occurs. On any given day, there can be multiple activities going on at Cliveden. Please be aware of programs, events and contractors working at the site. Check the Cliveden website and social media channels for updates on closures.

Group Visits

Community groups are invited to use the Cliveden grounds for recreation and educational activities with prior arrangement. In order to promote the safety and security of visitors, groups are required to coordinate with Cliveden staff to preschedule their use of the property. Contact Cliveden staff by calling the office at 215-848-1797 to coordinate your group visit.

The following activities are encouraged on the Cliveden grounds - if you let staff know, we can help coordinate: 

  • Scavenger hunts, lawn games, art projects
  • Collecting leaves, sticks, tree seeds, etc. from the ground
  • Picnics, yoga, meditation
  • Birdwatching
  • Gardening - please ask about volunteer opportunities!

Cliveden permission and prior arrangements are needed for the following activities:

  • Special events, assemblies, performances and amplified sounds
  • Personal, professional or commercial photography and filming
  • Soliciting, vending or other commercial activity

Landscape Policy

We count on visitors to help us in the stewardship of the landscape. For the safety and security of the site and all visitors, please follow these guidelines:

  • No smoking or vaping or use of any live flame is allowed on site.
  • Drinking alcohol is prohibited, except by prior arrangement.
  • Please do not disturb or damage any part of the natural environment, including but not limited to climbing trees, picking live flowers, plants or tree leaves and branches.
  • To protect the archaeological resources below ground, please do not dig or shovel or place stakes in the ground. From time to time, archaeological fragments come to the surface. If you do happen to find one, please don't take it off site and be sure to let Cliveden staff know.
  • Please do not disturb or remove any part of the built environment, including, but not limited to fences, driveways, sculptures, stones and bricks. 
  • Dogs are very welcome on the Cliveden grounds, but for the safety of all, dogs must be on a leash. Please pick up and dispose of dog waste in the receptacles provided.
  • Please do not litter or dump debris on the Cliveden grounds. Trash can disposed of in the receptacles provided.
  • Vehicular traffic and parking are prohibited on site unless prior arrangements are made with Cliveden staff.


The grounds can be reached via car and public transportation.

Driving Directions

Via PA Turnpike (I-276): Take exit 333 and follow Germantown Pike east for 7 miles to Cliveden Street on the left.

Via Schuylkill Expressway (I-76): Take exit 340 to Lincoln Drive. Turn right onto Johnson Street (third light) then left onto Germantown Avenue (fourth light). Take the first right onto Cliveden Street.

Public Transportation

SEPTA Bus: The 23 bus makes a stop directly in front of Cliveden on Germantown Avenue. Cliveden is also accessible on the HXH, and 18 bus routes. 

SEPTA Regional Rail: Cliveden is a short walking distance from the R7 (Chestnut Hill East) line, Washington Lane stop.

Learn about Cliveden's architecture!

Cliveden was built between 1763-1767 and additions were added onto the Main House, dependencies and the Barn and Carriage House during the Chew family's ownership of the property. Learn more about the architecture here.