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The institution of slavery is woven deep into the economic growth and political fabric of America.

Children's Activities

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Liberty to Go to See

Liberty to Go to See is an annual dramatic event based on research from the Chew Family Papers and is performed in the Main House at Cliveden. The title comes from a letter from Joseph, an enslaved worker, to his master, Benjamin Chew, requesting permission to accept employment closer to his wife. The production features the lives of the indentured and enslaved workers for the Chew family from the 1760s through the 1860s—men and women whose stories are rarely heard.

Cliveden and Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia ,with support from The Haley Foundation and the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund of the National Trust for Historic Preservation with support from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, worked together to create English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science curriculum based on Liberty to Go to See. The curriculum is geared towards middle school students, specifically 8th grade.

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English Language Arts

Packet includes lesson plan, handouts, a condensed script from Liberty to Go to See, and curriculum photos


Packet includes lesson, handouts, a map and a census record from 1790


Packet includes lesson and handouts

History Hunters

Cliveden is featured in the The History Hunters Youth Reporter Program curriculum. History Hunters is a fully subsidized field trip program for Philadelphia School District 4th and 5th grade classrooms.  This innovative literacy-based program allows students to “hunt” for history by taking part in a variety of hands-on activities and experiences that bring history to life. At Cliveden, students learn about the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Germantown, and the paradox of slavery during this time period